Hi Y’all!

Welcome to my website where I unravel the common health challenges that have crept up for me and my friends.  I hope to find supplements, vitamins, eating habits and exercise regimen that will improve our bodies on the inside and out.

I am a family practice Physician Assistant and have practiced medicine for 10 years specializing in female hormones, thyroid, weight loss, etc.  I like to use vitamins and supplements and usually have great results with them.  I have two young sons under the age of 5.  As I have just passed the 4-0 mark, I noticed some changes in my body that are definitely not welcome.  You would not consider me overweight, but I definitely am not in shape.  There is the mommy belly shelf plus additional fluff along my thighs and waist.    Some of the changes are the result of having two pregnancies after 35 years old and having the pregnancies back to back.  My life is understandably hectic and I do not have a lot of time for meal prep or long exercise regimens. I have tried a few different exercise regimens or eating plans.  The exercise regimens have been too boring and eating plans too rigid.  To complicate the picture, I have hypothyroidism (low thyroid function), adrenal fatigue, and fluctuating blood sugar levels, which right now are causing me to not feel my best.

This website is my journey to try thoroughly vetted products myself or with the help of a close friend and give you the nitty gritty results.  I will also post pictures where applicable.  I am choosing products or programs where I agree with the data and/or the ingredients. I will also be looking at several different types of eating plans to see which is reasonably easy to stick to and has tremendous health benefits.

I know with a healthy lifestyle your mind and body work so much better and you feel wonderful!  I hope to regain that feeling over the next 6 months.

Please leave comments, questions, and suggestions.  I am open to hearing others opinions.  And I want to help you in any way I can.  I know there is no one right way and everyone’s body responds to different “treatments” differently.

Here’s to your good health!