How To Loose Stomach Fat in 2 Weeks

How I Plan to Loose Stomach Fat in 2 Weeks

I have been going through a mini-stress out the last 2 months.  My husband and I decided to move our family to another state. While I am very excited, I am also apprehensive and melancholy.  I have lived in North Texas for 20 years and in Texas itself for 36 years.  Because of this melancholy, which has increased due to the closing on our new house, I have not been eating well or exercising well.

My meals are really not the problem, I eat a clean diet because it really does make me feel better.  My problem is dark chocolate.  And while it is not as bad as other sweets, eating a whole bag of Bark Thins in one night will not help my stomach fat.  Plus the 2 glasses of wine per night I am drinking.  But I have a game plan.

While the chocolate consumption will decrease some (not all), I have found a healthier option for the chocolate.  I have not found a “healthy wine” that tastes good, I like bold red zinfandels and cabernets, I will be drinking by wine by cutting it with La Croix sodas.  Delicious!

The other major change to loose stomach fat in 2 weeks is exercise.  I have been very hit or miss with it.  I have been researching kettle bells and I like everything I read about them.  I do not have time or money right now to commit to a gym.  A kettle bell costs about $40 for a 15-20 lb which is what most women will be using for a while.  Then, I found a good kettle bell program that starts at a beginner level, progresses, and has a schedule. The best part is a 10 minute yoga cool down!   The kettle bells are more functional exercise, and you end up using your core for a lot of the exercises.

So, right now I am committing to these changes and I will post the results or lack thereof.  I will even post pics and measurements!

If you have used kettle bells, let me know your experience.

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